Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sir Chuck-a-lot..... little boy who is starting to grow into a young man.
He will be 9 in a month!! He is a young man with many names....Chuck....Charles...Chuckie B...
Sir Chuck-a-lot...Charles in Charge...Chester Cheeto...oh, the list could go on.

Is it normal to have your heart ache when you see a child growing up too fast???
Slowly he is getting closer to my height....his feet are almost as big as mine....his pants size has two numbers in it possible?

It seems like yesterday that I held this young man as a babe....dark black hair and the fattest cheeks I had ever seen.....and we are talking about braces...middle school...and guitar lessons. He has grown into a young man that dotes on his little brother....picks on his little sisters...and loves them all in his own special way.

Where did my little boy go?? It seems like yesterday that he was sucking a paci...couldn't sleep without his silkie blanket. He cried when he went to school....for several days, and I knew I would never be the same. Sometimes I still see him in the dimples on his cheeks....the way he wants to cuddle when he's tired....his fear of the dark....his love for people...I still see that little boy that could color for days. The little boy that loved to sit in my lap and snuggle every morning watching Elmo.

This young man who has become so independent...he picks out his own clothes(even though he can't match...I mean he is his father's child)...fixes his cereal...even fixes his own hair most days(except in the back 'cause "I can't see that part MOM") is growing up far too fast. He now reads to me at night....prays for me at night....tells me all about animals, and science, and the Bible. He tells his friends about Jesus...and he is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit's conviction. He is a smart boy with a thirst for knowledge....and I love that about him.

My Charlie is a joy to watch his life unfold before my very eyes...and I am excited to see how God uses him!

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brooke lynn said...

geat pics, what a handsome young man. i know, my heart hurts sometimes when i think of how fast they grow!