Friday, October 9, 2009

Go Dawg's....Sic 'em

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is doing a "Show us your Life" favorite football team day...I just had to jump on this train!!

We love the Dawg's.....really have no choice in the matter! My husband grew up a Dawg fan....a lot of his family went to school there....he's always been a "Dawg". If you live in Georgia.....your a Dawg fan, 'cause that other school down here is just not even worth mentioning! I am a transplant fan so to speak. I grew up a Hokie...and I still love me some Hokies.....but I cheer for the Dawgs! For several husband is sick if they house is just not it's normal self if the Dawgs are down.....and my 18 month old will yell at the TV like his Daddy if they lose...for real!!

I do love them though and really want them to win. I love going to the games.......the sea of red and black....the girls dressed in their dresses and boys in their's just a fun atmosphere. I haven't been able to go to too many games because I am always either pregnant or have a newborn......and well, the tickets are too expensive and everyone we know that has tickets...they use them. We jump at the chance to go though.....wherever they may be playing.

My husband loves the Dawgs and their coach Mark Richt...who is an outspoken Christian. This was my husbands dream school and he came very close to playing for them....he even went on his recruiting trip there.....but because of his poor grades was unable to go....of course this was before God saved him:).I know he still gets sick thinking about the opportunity he lost, but it really has given us a good example on teaching our children how important it is to do well in school!!

SO tomorrow...I will be rooting that Georgia kills Tennessee.....that Cox has an unreal game....that it's not even a contest....and that my husband keeps his shirt on(yes, he has been known to rip his shirt off in angst..hey they tore their clothes in the Bible when they were upset...same concept)!!!

Go Dawgs.....Sic 'em!!!!

We got to go to G-Day last spring with some friends of ours and we had a ball. The kids loved being able to run around the stadium....seeing UGA....and just hanging with friends. The pictures below are some of the ones we took there....great time had by all.

Hanging in the parking lot after the game!!!

The hubby has lost so much weight since then!!

Shelby on the bleachers

The cute!

UGA.....we would have gone to get our pic with him but he is like a celebrity...tons of people in line!

Yes...she fell......

Looking at UGA

Besties..... guys say that??? Best Buddies:)

Throwing the ball around in the parking lot......

Sweet Shelby..

Little Man eating lunch at our picnic....


Anonymous said...

Nuff said...

Anonymous said...

It really makes it POP! With the white BASE!!!!

Eliz said...

Go Dawgs... Beat the Vols!!! Loved all your pictures!!

Jen Griffin said...

OH man....we are Arkansas Razorback's fans!

Karen said...

Your blog is so cute and what an amazing family!!! I love Kelly's Korner, great post!