Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday...Falling off the edge...

This has been a super busy week. We have had two nights of soccer games and then church last night. On Monday night we were hanging out after the game doing what we do best ...."fellowshiping" know talking! I was standing there talking to my friend Steph and her kids and then I heard this horrible sound. Skin hitting the ground hard.....and then a shriek. I knew it was one of mine...just from the shriek and all. I turned around to see Charlie laying in a heap on the concrete next to our bleachers. He was holding his hands up and crying looking at them saying that they hurt really bad. At that point I am with him, hugging him to me and I notice the blood in his mouth. He had evidently smacked his precious little face into the concrete as well. We are all hustling around and getting him ice, water, napkins....anything to stop the crying. When he finally calms down and we figure out that no teeth are bones are broken, Ric begins to question the fall and give him a small talking too about goofing off and how he needed to be careful. We thought he was running....jumping...being crazy or something! I sat and talked to him for a few minutes by myself and I asked him what happened. He told me this "Mom, I was just walking down the bleacher and wasn't watching where I was going and I just stepped off the edge....I wasn't goofing off I promise".

I can totally see my son doing know, not paying attention. I hated it for him though and by the time we left the parking lot his poor lip and face were so swollen from the big fall that it seriously looked like he had been in a fight...and lost!

I have thought about this a lot in the last few do you just fall off the edge?? Well the answer is simple, because we take our eyes off the goal...which for Charlie would have been staying on the bleacher. You see so many times in life...our mess ups may not be deliberate...they may not be intentional....they happen when we put our eyes on something else. Charlie wasn't looking at the bleacher....but he wasn't goofing off either. He was just walking.

Our focus should always be on Christ...our eyes should be fixed on Him in every step we take. When we aren't focused we will's inevitable. When we look to far ahead or to the side.....we will miss the last step and we just might fall...and it just might hurt. I remember telling Charlie that night "son, you have got to watch where you are going".....well the same thing applies to me. I have to watch where I am prayerful about the next step I need to take in life....keep my focus on Him....and step out on faith, and know that if I do those things, then I will stay on that bleacher.

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday~

~ Skin on Concrete is not good

~Mom's always try to make things better

~ Your face will swell up really bad if you slam it on the concrete

~ Mom's still try to make things better

~Our focus should always be on God

~If we take our focus off of Him, we just might fall

~Falling can hurt you.....spiritually

~May my steps hold to His path

Psalm 17:5 My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not slipped.


Chad said...

Dude... very good parallel. I don't know how you come up with that stuff.

and yes, I "duded" you.

Lisa Doe said...

thank you.

Sailor and Co said...

great pic :)

Katie said...

Love that list and verse!

Thank you for your sweet prayers.

Amy said...

This is such an awesome post. I have "fallen off the edge" and hit the concrete more than I want to think about. Praise God that He is alway faithful to be there to pick me back up. I love reading your blog, it alway makes me turn to Christ.