Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday....The Report Card

Yesterday was report card day at the Blazi house....well, for the two oldest...the little ones get an A in making big messes! They both did great, but Addie had one area that she was struggling in...her reading. She is improving so much, but she still has a little ways to go. She gets some extra help at school, and I believe that is one of the reasons for her improvement.

Before I talked to her about her reading I made a point to start with all of the positives...including her sweet teachers remarks about my sweet Addie: "Addie is a helpful little angel. She is always willing to assist and provide support when needed. She makes herself useful around the classroom and always makes a valuable contribution to our class." Well Addie started to tear up...I asked her what was wrong...she said "What is contribution???? does it mean I am not smart??" I looked at her pitiful face and said "oh Addie, you are so smart and all the things your teacher said are good things. Contribution means that you add to the share your thoughts..your contribute. It's a good thing"! She then went on to share how she struggles with things at she doesn't like getting extra she doesn't want to never not get her name called for getting a hundred on a test. It broke my heart to see my sweet girl struggle...struggle with the pressures of life....what people think. I told her that I love her...just because she is Addie, and that no grade would ever make me love her less. I shared with her that we all struggle in life in certain things...that we all need a little extra help every now and then...and that is ok!

Shelby at this point has walked in and knows Addie is sad.....she simply looks at her and says " Addie, I love you, cause your such a smart girl...and your the bestest big sister ever". I wanted to cry......cry for Addie and her heartache....cry because of Shelby and her awareness of people in need...and cry cause I love my kids so much!!

I learned so much last night from this short conversation with my daughters. I want my kids to be confident in who they are regardless of what the world says about matter what a report card matter if they ever get a 100 on a spelling test!! I want them to know that who they are in Christ is the most important thing in life....yes, even more important than a grade at school. I want them to know that it is okay to struggle through things...that they come out stronger because of it. I also want them to see when others hurt and know that a word of encouragement will speak volumes. That we are to encourage one another and lift each other up as brother's and sister's in Christ...not tear one another down.

I love how my kids teach me and remind me of such simple truth's....because last night as much as I wanted my kids to learn the end, God used them to show me...again....that I am a Child of the King and that I need to cling to that in matter what. Even through my struggles. I also was gently reminded that there are hurting people all around.....and I need to be a source of encouragement, always!

~Tiny Truth's for this Thursday

~ I love my family

~God is so good...all the time

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