Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday...It stains.....

Look at this sweet face....he would NEVER do anything mischievous would he???

Tuesday afternoon I was getting ready to go get the big kids from school and I knew that I needed to change my laundry out. I left Shelby and Jesse sitting quietly in my living room watching some PBS kids and ran up the steps to the laundry room. I switched loads out and started a new load fairly quickly. About the time that I am pouring in my detergent, Shelby comes running up the steps hollering "Mom, you are so not going to be happy with Jesse". I shut the lid and run down the steps to my computer room(which is really a formal living room....but whatever) and see my 19 month old son drawing on my light tan carpet with none other than a sharpie. Not a thin tip sharpie...the mack daddy king size sharpie. I immediately tell him "NO, NO don't color on Mommy's floor" in a completely controlled manner and then I panic....because I see that it is all over my floor. It is not one's in five different spots. I call Ric, calmly...ok, who am I kidding...panicking and ask him what to do. His answer..."Google it"..which is my husbands answer for anything. SO, I hit the computer, all the while I am slowly fading from the fumes of permanent sharpie all around me, and google "how to clean sharpie out of carpet". I got lots of tips, so after the kids are picked up and I made a quick trip to the Dollar General(cause that's the only store in town) I get to working.

I rub and clean and pour and rub and try to erase what my son has done....and it's not working. It's fading, but I still see the marks...the scribbles...the evidence. So what do I do.....I pour and rub and rub and rub...and I prayed in between rubs. It's still there...fading..but not gone.
I know that it's going to come out...with a little help from a friends carpet cleaner and more rubbing...and pouring, because I refuse to have carpet that a kid has drawn on. Not that my carpet isn't stained horribly's just something about colored on carpet that drives me nuts...not gonna happen in my house, so I know I will get it clean.

All of that to say this, those marks on my carpet are just like the stain of sin. No matter what we as humans try to do to wash away those stains...they don't go away. They may fade...but the stain is still there. When I was lost, I would try to cover things up...forget about things I had done...try to "fix" things on my own doing, and none of it worked. When God saved me....He and only He was able to get rid of the stain of my sin. He was able to make me clean...pure...white as snow. Praise be to God that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to wash away my sins and make the stains disappear!

Tiny Truth's for This Thursday~

~Never leave Sharpies anywhere where a child could get them

~Never leave your 19 month old unattended...even for 2 minutes

~Sharpies stink....seriously!

~There are way to many suggestions when you google something...and 90% of them don't work

~That stains are hard to get up

~We are all sinners, thus we are all stained

~We can do nothing on our own to get rid of the stain of sin

~But God can!

~Praise be to God...He is the ultimate "Stain Lifter"

Isa 1:18 "Come now, let us argue this out," says the LORD. "No matter how deep the stain of your sins, I can remove it. I can make you as clean as freshly fallen snow. Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you as white as wool


Chad said...

Google it!

Great response...

Amy@LivinginHarmony said...

Thank you Lord that you have removed my past stains and continue to rub ou tmy new ones. Thank ou Genie Marie for the reminder and the visual you provided today.

Calley said... I started reading this and all I can think of is that our husbands HAD to do something like this when they were kids! LOL! Then my next thought was how I could see myself doing this same freak out session many times before and I'm sure many times to come!

And how beautifully you brought in a little lesson on sin!

You are such an amazing writer!

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