Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten little Piggies....

The other night we were outside playing on the playground and the trampoline....it was a gorgeous fall evening with just enough crisp in the air to make your nose cold! All four of my sweet kids jumped...and giggled...and jumped and giggled...until seriously there was no jump left in them. We headed inside to get ready for dinner and I had to take Jesse's clothes off because he was covered in dirt and trampoline grim. When I walked back in the living room I found Jesse doing this....
He noticed his feet were black and dirty from the trampoline so he decided to wash them...with a baby wipe...it was too cute not to take a picture of it!
Ten little piggies went outside
Ten little piggies jumped on the trampoline
Ten little piggies got dirty
And needed desperately to be cleaned
One little boy found the wipes
And cleaned and cleaned and cleaned
'Till ten little piggies were all clean
And one little boy was done!!

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

What a doll baby! Just wanted you to know I finally got your blog added to the M2M listing on my site... Thanks for joining! :)) Great to meet you!