Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday...."Meaningless Info....."

Shelby Jean is my youngest daughter. A child that loves life...loves to laugh...and knows a lot of "meaningless" information. She knows every one's first and last names and usually calls them by their full name. She also knows how old everyone is...who they are related to...what size shoe they see where I am going! She literally has a steel trap mind. She loves people and loves to know everything about them. You can call it nosey....silly...whatever you want to call it, but Shelby is all up in every body's grill, and she doesn't even know what's cooking!!

It makes me laugh that she can remember the stuff that she does...recall data that most 4 year olds don't even care about. That she can tell you who everybody in our church is related to...when I don't even know! That's just Shelby though. Sometimes she will even tell people that her last name is Rainwater because she wants to be a part of their family some days. I guess she gets it honest though....I use to tell people, when I was little, that my name was Lootie Mae Stinnett! Yeah, I know....payback!

I got to thinking about Shelby and how she remembers she knows all the little details about she can make you feel so important because she knows when your birthday is! Shelby is just a little girl with a grand memory....but our He truly knows all of the so called meaningless information about us. He doesn't just know our names, who we are related to, our my friend, He knows it all! Our dreams...our fears...our heartaches...our burdens...our thoughts...our selfishness...He knows it all. The bible even tells us in Matthew 10:30 "But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." If that isn't "meaningless" information than I don't know what is...but it's not meaningless to Him...nothing is. He cares about the smallest of the largest...and yes, I am thankful He does!

So as Shelby rattles off peoples names and ages...addresses and shoe sizes...I will remember that nothing is meaningless!

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday~

~ That Shelby likes numbers and names

~ That Shelby has a steel trap mind

~ That she seriously makes me laugh

~ That God knows everything...even the number of hairs on my head

~ That to God....nothing is without meaning!

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