Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's calling my name......

The candy my kids got at our church's fall festival has seriously been a thorn in my side. For several reasons that I will list below......

1. Even though I hid said candy on top of my fridge...somehow my kids still get into it. Jesse even pushes a chair over to the counter and tries to climb up on it....seriously...he is 19 months old.

2. This candy has been a source of arguments amongst the natives....."no...that's the last Reese Cup and it's mine"....okay that was my comment, but the kids have fought more.

3. I ate 3 of those Reese Cups today!

4. I have found several wrappers on my floor and that makes me really ill!

5. It seriously calls my name every time I walk by the fridge....I can hear it now!

6. Jesse likes to try things in point, I let him have one thing out of the bowl this evening because he is sick and he picks a sucker...he takes the wrapper off the sucker, wrinkles his nose...then proceeds to put the wrapper back "on" said sucker and put it back in the bowl. I will not be eating any suckers!

7. It's almost gone......and then what will I have to blog about...think about....

8. I'm out....going to get the last Butterfinger and sit down and watch the Biggest Loser that we DVR'd.....and dream about buff abs like Jillians!!!


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