Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jumping in mud puddles.....

The past few weekends have been huge for the Blazi household. On the 7th we got to do something that we have been dying to do with our family. Look where we went and what our kids got to experience:
The kids loved it...they hollered...yelled "Sic 'em"...danced....ate....spilled drinks(oh wait that was me)...cheered for the girl throwing the baton's in the air that were on fire( she was seriously the highlight of the game)...and just had the best time. The weather was perfect...the Dawgs won..and we were all together. It was a perfect day!
Jesse's face here is priceless....he loved watching everything...and dancing for the girl behind us!
Check out the girl next to Addie...she was all about a photo opportunity!
This pic has all four of the kids in it...even though all you see of Shelb's is her nose:)
The next weekend I did this....sorry for the horrible picture!
I had my first trade show with my vinyl lettering.....loved it. While I was working hard, Ric took care of the kids and they had a grand day...Burger King...playground at pond.....and puddles???? Yes, Jesse had a big time in the puddles...and Ric got pictures of the my kids have a great dad or what. I love my husband and am so thankful he will take the time to do fun stuff with our kids!

My cup seriously runneth over!!!!

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