Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Charlie the Brave.......

We went skiing last week and the kids were pumped to have their first experience on the slopes. They had no clue what to expect. Shelby thought she could already ski and I posted about it on Monday. Addie just didn't want to get cold......and Charlie, well he is my nervous first born that has to analyze everything.

He asked me about how big the hill's high the lift's steep the drop offs were....he had to get the lay of the land you know! I thought for sure my cell would be ringing by noon....we dropped them off at 9 so I was gonna give him a few hours before he chickened out and wanted to quit.

I stopped by around lunch time and he was loving it. He thought skiing was way cool....way fun....and then I heard this.."Mom, when are they gonna let me get on the lift and go down a real hill?". I said....."who are you and what have you done with my son???" . My, he won't even ride a roller coaster....won't do anything dangerous(except for using his machete)....hates my son is not gonna like the ski lift!!!

But I was wrong......he loved it and was great at skiing. He overcame a fear of his and for that I am super proud of him. I don't think he is ready for the big hills yet...the bunny slope will do...but he did it and that is huge in my book!!

Way to go Charlie...I am so glad you proved me wrong!!!!

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Sailor and Co said...

looks like an almost splits!