Friday, February 26, 2010

Tiny Truth’s Thursday….Don‘t leave me…..

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I had just dropped the 3 big kids off at Ski School. The snow was falling…it was freezing cold…and I was about to get my ski on with my great friend Tonya. We stood watching the kids at ski school and waited to see them go down the first hill. One by one they swooshed down the hill….Trenton; my friend's son (whom has no fear) led the way followed by Charlie. Shelby somehow made it down that hill and Addie was following behind. Addie was going slowly…making a perfect pizza…she truly is a girl after my own heart…I love a good snow plow.

Addie seemed nervous…scared that she was going to fall…get hurt…ski off the side of the mountain. She looked at me through her pink goggles…her eyes big as saucers…and she said "Mom…Don't leave me!" I looked at her and told her calmly…"Add…Mommy is not going to leave you…I'm right here" She made her way down the slope to the lift where I got conned into helping out the ski instructor. She had more kids than she could handle…and she asked me for help. I rode the lift up with Shelby and her friend Miles…and then we began the trek back down the mountain.

Addie was nervous…even though she was a good skier. She said to me again…"Mom..don't leave me". I reassured her once again and we skied on. About halfway down the mountain (which seriously took like 20 minutes because of Shelby) I looked up and the little girl that was so afraid that I was going to leave her had grown a little confidence and had skied ahead. She was doing great…but she kept looking back to see where I was and every once in a while would say…."Mom…don't leave me". I finally caught up with her because she had literally skied into a snow drift and was stuck. I helped her out…she got ready to take off and I looked at her and said…."Ski on down Addie…Mommy isn't going to leave you…I am right here watching you the whole time…I know you can do it! She looked at me for reassurance and I said "go on…catch up with those boys down there". Off she went and she did it with gusto!

Addie wanted me to be there the whole time…to watch her…be beside her. She was nervous that I would leave her, but once I reassured her 100 times that I wouldn't she finally got it and she skied…beautifully!

So many times in our lives things go wrong…stuff happens…we get nervous…fear sets in and we feel all alone! We want comfort and to know that someone is there. Sometimes we fear that God's not there... well boy, do I have news for you. God tells us in His word in Hebrews 13:5 "For He Himself has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." HE will never leave you…NEVER! Just like I kept telling Addie that I was right there…the whole time…He is doing the same thing with us. He cheers us on and tell us "Go on…you can do it..I am right here watching you the whole time". He does this through His word…through His people…through His presence. He wants us to know that He is always here….just like a hovering Mom on the ski slope.

When Addie finally got it that I was right there and not leaving...she felt freedom. Freedom to go on down that mountain and ski to the best of her pizza making ability! When I realize that God is always here…that He will never leave me…I find freedom in that. Not freedom to sin…not freedom to live my life any way I want to, but freedom to live for Christ fully…out loud. Freedom to do BIG things for Him because of His promise to me….He is always there. I pray that you would know that today…and you would find freedom in that too!

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday~

~That Addie takes after her Momma skiing…snow plow away

~Addie needs reassurance

~So do we

~He will never leave us….EVER

~I find freedom in that...This is how it feels to be FREE...This is how it feels to know that I am forgiven!

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Tonya said...

You are always such a blessing. I enjoy reading all your posts. You captured the week in a nutshell!! Thanks for taking the time to blog-it reminded my of a great week. Trenton is blessed to have a friends in Charlie and Addie to share these days with and to ride the ski lift for the first time with. I pray they will always remain close and grow to be Godly young men and ladies that serve the Lord together. I pray they are the ones who rip the carpet up in the sanctuary and remember they helped the first time. I prayed from the day he was born that he would have Godly friends and God has really provided. And as I always say, if I ever doubt I am needed, your kiddos always know how to make me feel so special with their hugs and smiles. Thanks for always sharing your heart. I love you my friend!!