Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blog Award

I won something......yeah me! I have a sweet friend over at EcoChic named Calley, and she gave me a blog award. Exciting right? For me it was. Calley is married to one of Ric's best friends from High School. They were definitely trouble together back in the day. Calley and I met years ago after Ric and I were married and we had the honor of cooking dinner for them when I was pregnant with Addie. The day they came over Ric and I had been working in the nursery putting up some finishing touches and I had my favorite lasagna in the oven. This said lasagna is my go to...if you are coming over to eat for the first time...I am making it...and a big salad...but it's getting made! I was so preoccupied working in the nursery, that guess what?? Yep....I burnt it...bad. We still ate it....without the top layer of cheese of course...but we ate. I told you that long story for this reason....if Calley, after burnt lasagna can give me an award, than I am stoked. Go check her out at the EcoChic...she does awesome stuff!

I am supposed to pass this award on to three blogs that I follow.....for whatever reason I want. I want to tell you about three ladies that I stalk...ahm.....follow....that don't know me from Adam, but their blogs are great.

I love Melissa over at The Stretch Marks blog....she is a hoot...but can be so poignant. I love to read her blog to laugh...cry....and then laugh again. She is an awesome Godly lady who has been through so much in the last years. Please go check out her blog and read about whatever she is thinking......and yes, it can sometimes be unpredictable...and that,my friends, is why I love her!

I found Shannon over at Bless our Nest recently, and her blog is awesome. She has awesome decorating on turning something not so cute....into something "real cute"! She has a heart for God that even shines through decorating tips. Check her blog out and see why so many folks nests are blessed. I know she will bless yours!

The last blog is Ashley at Life Beyond the Pink. I reading her blog because she is someone I can relate with. She loves her family, has precious kids,and a husband in the ministry! I love to get a fresh perspective from other pastor's wives....and she truly blesses my heart, by just being real. Go check her sweet family out.

Thanks for the award Calley.....


Calley said...

Anytime! It's my pleasure! I had forgot all about the burnt lasagna! We'll have to make an effort to get the boys together one day (the big boys...LOL!). We don't make it up that way often but when we do we'll give you a buzz! Take care and bless your kind words!

Ashley McWhorter said...

You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much!! Please come back and visit. I am going to add you to my blog role. Your family is adorable!!! Hope you have a blessed weekend! :)

Shannon said...

Wow. How sweet! Thanks so much for passing along to me. I'm going to check out those other two blogs too. Loved the lasagna story....that would definitely happen to me too. :). Thanks!