Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday...."He knows my name"

I have sat here all day....trying to think of something write my Tiny Truth's about. I got nothing....n-o-t-h-i-n-g. I am hoping that while I sit here and stare at this screen that God will direct my mind to something that my sweet young 'uns have taught me this week...'cause I know there has to be something...but my mind is not thoughts are jumbled...ok people, I am just a hot mess...a wreck! It's been a long week to say the least.

This week I have struggled...struggled to do the ordinary things...wanted to literally just sit and do nothing...and then I remember I have four kids that have to eat...and if I don't make them brush their teeth, their teeth will fall out...they had to do homework...dirty diapers came...messes were made. So when I just wanted to sit and do nothing...they kinda forced me to get out of my funk and do something.

You see this week, it has been a doozy....I guess I can say that I have been disappointed. Disappointed by things that should not even be on the table. When you feel like the one stable thing in your life...the thing that is never wavering.....begins to become unstable and waver....then I begin to worry....start to fret. I believe there are certain things that we find comfort in...that we rely on and when it gets messed with....well, to say the has shook me to the core.

I will not be need for that....but what I do know and realize is this...that when the world shifts...when circumstances change...when life throws us a big fat curve ball....that God still remains. That when we can't understand why He is doing something in our lives....when we are at the point where we are struggling to trust Him...that He simply quiets us and reminds us that He is still God....and yes, that He is still in control....and He still knows MY name!

Jesse has gotten to be really talkative....he repeats everything he hears now. I will never forget the day that he started saying "Shelby".....she was amazed at the fact that Jesse knew her name and could say it....and she was stoked that he said her name before he said Charlie and Addie's! Just as Shelby is stoked that Jesse knows her awesome is it that God knows our names....every step...every tear...every thought....Praise God that in the worst of weeks, that I can rely on Him...and Him knowing my name! I came across this song on another blog this week and praised God for his perfect timing. I needed to hear this and now when anyone reads my blog...they will know that He knows their names too! What a mighty God we serve.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring
I can't tell you what's in store
I don't know a lot of things
I don't have all the answers
To the questions of life
But I know in whom I have believed

And He knows my name
Every step that I take
Every move that I make
Every tear that I cry
He knows my name
When I'm overwhelmed by the pain
And can't see the light of day
I know I'll be just fine
'Cause He knows my name

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday~

~ That Jesse can say Shelby's name...and it sounds really cute:)

~ That your kid's teeth will seriously rot out if they aren't told to brush them

~ That I like to use the word fret

~ That He knows my name....when I am overwhelmed by the pain

~ That God's timing is perfect

~ That He still knows my name ....and He knows theirs:


Chad said...

Well we love you guys, so how do you like that all up in your face?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Ok....Seriously....This mess is going to have to stop! Everytime I read your blog it makes me cry!!!

You are such a blessing to me...I am so thankful that you take the time to write your thoughts and share them with us.

Love ya!
Brandi Hamilton