Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tiny Truth's Thursday......Praying on the Potty

Ever feel like you just can't get it together......that life is throwing too many things at you and you can't even come up for air? I have...and right now I am thrashing around for air. I sit house is in somewhat shambles.....the laundry is piled high....I still have lunches to pack....things to pick up.....and I seriously am sitting here...writing. My kids start school tomorrow and I am sad...depressed....already dreading it all. We have friends, left and right, that are going through tough times....spiritually....financially....oh, the list could go on. I sit here and wonder how I will get through it. Through this day...this hour...the next minute! And I am reminded ....I just have to TRUST my King and I have to pray.

Last night I was hustling to get the kids in the bed after getting home from church. I normally pray with all four of them together, but on this night, it was a "get on your pj's, grill brushed(ya know...teeth)....and I will be in to tuck you in". I got Jesse situated in his big boy bed...Charlie prayed with for protection from the monsters under his bed(seriously people....he's 7)...and then I headed to the end of the hall to the girls. I was walking to Addie's room first and I heard Shelby talking....loud. I said "Shelby better hush before I give you something to talk loud about"....she answered me..."I was just praying MOM!" It made me chuckle...and it warmed my heart. After I prayed with Addie and tucked her in and gave her hugs and kisses twice(she has a routine)...I went into Shelby's room and she was still praying. I went and sat on her bed and listened to her...and then she quit and asked me to pray over her. I did, and when I finished she asked me..."Mom, can I keep praying?" I told her that she could pray whenever her little heart desired....that it was important to pray. She smiled and I hugged her and reminded her to potty and she asked me really seriously....."Mommy, can I pray while I potty?" I just smiled and said "Yes you can baby girl, yes you can!"

When times are tough....crazy....sad....chaotic.....I have to remind myself to spend time with my Lord. To take the time to pour my heart out to Him.....whatever may be going on in my life....I know He wants me to come to Him. He tells me that in His Word:

1 Thessalonians 5:17 "pray without ceasing"

Luke 18:1 "Then He spoke a parable to them, that men ought to always pray and not lose heart"

Not lose, I so many times lose heart and want to cave in...but I know my God doesn't want me to! If I pray.....if we pray.....then we won't lose heart. WE won't grow weary....we won't give up! When the bills keep coming....the trials keep pressing......the laundry keeps piling.......pray and don't lose heart! I will keep reminding myself of this today....tommorrow...ok, forever! I will strive to pray...always.....even when I go potty like Shelby!

Tiny Truth's for This Thursday:

~Tough times come

~Kids have to go to school...even when Mom hates it

~Shelby likes praying.....Loudly.......and on the Potty

~Don't lose heart....even when we want to



Chad Miller said...

This is something I've personally struggled with (praying without ceasing). I'm pretty consistent when it comes to meals and before bed, but I still struggle with morning prayers and just flat don't do it during the day (only on very rare occasions)... though I may have to consider potty prayers as a very viable option. ;-)

Thanks for the challenge and reminder. said...

Oh Genie,
You just dont know how much God just used you to speak to my heart tonight at 12:12 am, yes I cant go to sleep - I am tired, weary, down and out, havent prayed in 2 days because I have been so busy taking care of my boy, and I have grown so weary. I have so longed just to sit at the feet of Jesus and to just cry my eyeballs out because everything is so overwhelming right now.
I have things I have written down that I want to put on my blog that God has placed on my heart since this happened to Andy and I haven't had the time nor energy to do it.
So I just want to say thank you for being so faithful to the Father, so sensitive to the Holy Spirit in in receiving those precious "Tiny Truth's" because they are truly blessing my heart if noone else'.

Love you & your family!
Lisa Holland
Romans 8:28

Lisa Doe said...

I needed to read that today. Thank you.

Brandi said...

I loved reading this! And, I have found that praying and singing (even though I CANT sing) while cleaning the nasty kids bathroom and folding that never-ending mound of clothes will make a world of difference! He really does listen to us anywhere and anytime:) I will always remember Scott Smith saying in a sermon we are the apple of His eye...No matter how much I(or we) fail he will never leave us nore forsake us!
I love you Girl! Dont stop posting!