Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's Almost Here..........

We had dinner with some dear friends last night....and basically let our kids run wild in the backyard while we talked. Don't ya love fenced in back yards! I wish that I had one for sure! I love being around my friends and just talking to them and getting to fellowship with other believers. They are a blessing to me. Addie almost gave Riley a concussion, Clint almost ripped his arm off on the swing, Charlie was the little ones protectors and was saving them from the wrath of Bullet(the black lab), Jesse and Ty just hung out and played right along with the big ones. Jesse stood at the window for a while watching the big kids outside and he was just saying "Side...side......side". He be outside playing. It was just so blooming hot that we couldn't be out there for too long....we were disgusting when the night was finally over. Good times people!

My kids start school in two days....and I am sad. Sad that there will be no more sleeping in....not as many late night movies....less freedom to do whatever....but mostly just sad that they won't be here every day.....yelling at each other. No seriously, I will miss them during the day. They are such sweet kids and I would love for them to just be able to be home with me all the time......and I will get my friend to come and home school them....'cause I know they will never listen to anything I teach them!!!! They are excited to see friends for play on the playground and do all their favorite things. Charlie says "I hate school and am never going back!"....I hate to tell him he has 10 more years and then college. Poor soul. He has no clue!

Shelby is home with me one more year before she starts. She is excited to have Jesse all to herself......Jesse.....he's not so happy! I am sure she will have him dressed up....with make up on...high heels on.....before Friday is over! She is such a hoot and I hope that this year is great for her and I. I hope to be able to work with her daily on her school stuff. She is really smart and can already do so many things that the others couldn't at this age. I think it helps to have older siblings that you want to keep up with.

The three oldest are playing soccer at the church and Charlie is also playing flag football....he wants to wear pads and "hit people"....yeah...this coming from a boy that cries when his baby sister hits him! We are excited for this to start and I am looking forward to watching Shelby play for the first time. I love that my kids can play sports in such a great environment. PM Sports is such an awesome Ministry that my husband does. It is a blessing.

I am looking forward to fall....cooler and soccer games.....the Dawgs playing....sweatshirts and can't get her quick enough!!

I couldn't have a post without a picture.....random shot of my cute little Shelby Jean.......she is truly a ray of light.

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Amy said...

Hey girl - I have 4 kids in 3 different schools this year. And can you believe I'll have one in Jr. High? I'm too young for that!

I'm with you, though - I'm one of those moms that love having my kids home with me. I hate to see them go, but I'm also excited for them.