Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Road Trip......

About a year and a half ago my dad and his best friend RA (his real name is Rucker and that is what I love to call him) took a road trip. Not just any old road trip though....they did it on their Harley's! Now we are talking about my Dad....who never had a motorcycle the 25 years I lived in their home...and the man who bought his beautiful Harley for this here trip. And people, I am not talking about going from Virginia to North Carolina type of road trip....no, not them. They drove their bikes around the entire outskirts of the United States.

They started in Virginia(where they live) and drove down the East Coast and across and so on. They touched every state that is an outlying state of the Country. They were gone a little less than six weeks and had the time of their lives. Seriously, who can say they did something like that? I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. He saw some of the most beautiful sights....all sitting on his bike...with the wind whipping by his face.

I remember talking with him on his Birthday...he turned 60 on his trip(how cool is my dad???) and him telling me all the neat stuff he had seen but how much he missed being home. When he got home...my family threw him a big welcome home shin dig with a cake and all...my Mom was so happy to have him home! I talked to him that day(since I couldn't be at the party...(boo for living 8 hours away) and asked him all about his trip. He told me this "I had a lot of time to think on that bike...and I tell you this, after seeing this country...there is no way you can deny there is a God!"

I thought of that statement and how true it is...but how sad it is that we see it every day and fail to see His splendor. May you this day see it...in the countryside...in your child's face...in the everyday things.

His Majesty the King is in this Place...

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