Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tiny Truth's Thursday....The cane....

There are times when your kids do stuff that just make you proud to be a mom...proud to be THEIR mom! We all know there are times that they do stuff we are like...."who's kid are you and who has been raising you for the last 8 years???" Well I had a genuinely special moment with my boy Charlie on Sunday night....and yes, I am going to take a few minutes and brag on him.

Charlie has always been a sensitive boy....he has cried for his friends who are sad....cried for his family who is hurting...cried for his favorite PSP game that is lost....cried 'cause he knew he was getting in trouble...he is just sensitive....and I love that about him. He is the kind of kid who is sensitive to others needs as well....and I saw it that cold Sunday night, demonstrated in a way that seriously almost brought me to tears....yep, I got welled up!

We had been at church for the evening service and Ric was meeting with a couple after the service....and well, that meeting lasted until 9:00. We had rode with him that night so we could not we waited. The kids listened to a teenager practice his trumpet....they did flips on the handrail in the breezeway...they played hide and seek.....they waited. They were tired...hungry....and ready to go.

We weren't the only ones waiting though...the couples two kids and their grandma were waiting on this meeting to end. When it was finally over I walked out in the hall and saw Mrs. Rachel(the grandma) getting up out of her chair. Charlie had been doing something crazy in the hallway when he saw Mrs. Rachel and he stopped what he was doing and he asked her with the sweetest little 8 year old boy voice I have ever heard....."Do you want me to go get your cane for you?". Her cane was leaning against the wall all the way across the Charlie got it and gently handed it to Mrs. Rachel and then went about his business of doing something crazy up in the church house.

I was so proud of him that even in the midst of his carrying on....he saw a need in someone and wanted to help her. He wasn't afraid to ask her if she needed help....he just did it...and I love that about him! This sweet boy that I nurtured in my a a as a young man truly got it. Don't get me wrong people...he can act just like every other 8 year old....but at that moment...for those 15 seconds I only focused on the act of kindness.

The Bible tells us in Colossians 3:12 to "put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, long suffering, bearing with one another "....I pray that as Charlie has put this into action...that I would do the same. That in the craziness of my life( and we all know it can get crazy ) that I would see needs of people around me. That I would be sensitive to others....and put on the things that the scripture speak of here.

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday:

- Never ride with my husband to church at night again....just sayin'

-That my kids can truly find a hand rail entertaining for hours

- That my kids can really be crazy

- That my kids can really be kind....and take the time to get a cane for sweet Mrs. Rachel

- That we should put on all those things that we are told to in Scripture...cause the Bible tells us to!


Lisa Doe said...

could you try to write a tiny truth the doesn't make me tear up? seriously, you get me every time.

Chad said...

Good ole Charlie. Sensitive boys grow up to be pretty awesome men... ;-)

Plus when he hits puberty a lot of that sensitivity will go on the back burner, so hopefully Ric doesn't think he'll cry for the rest of his life at every little thing... except for movies.