Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snowmen don't have feet........

Most mornings at my house start off with me getting the two older kids up...dressed...and off to school by 7:20. Speaking of 7:20....I remember getting to school at 8:30...just sayin'. After the big kids are gone, it's just me and Shelby and Jesse.

After they eat they begin about their normal business....Jesse dumping blocks out and harassing our poor dog Hogan, and Shelby either wants to color..paint...or watch PBS kids. As of late she has started to navigate the computer pretty well and she loves to get on PBS kids and play games.

Yesterday morning she is on the computer playing a snowman game and she tells me

"MOM(this was said extremely dramatic), did you know that snowmen don't have feet?"

Me: "Yes Shelby, they don't have feet because they are made of snow".

Shelby: "But they have hands....and they move around like this(imagine her on her knees scooting across the floor)..so why don't they just have feet?"

Me: "I don't know Shelby....maybe next time we will give our snowman feet so he can walk instead of scoot since all the snowmen we make move around and all"

Shelby: "Sounds good to me Mom....a snowman needs feet"

A girl can dream....

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