Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tiny Truth's Thursday.....I know someone famous....

I love to take Thursday's and write about a "tiny truth" that I have learned from my kids that week! A day to share what God teaches me through every day life...'cause He does that ya know! He teaches us BIG truth's through the simple things. This week was a little different for me because the truth I learned wasn't from one of my kids....God literally worked in my heart over this while I was blow drying my hair Sunday morning.

I have been coaching this one little boy on my basketball team for two years. He is the cutest little blond haired boy and such a sweetie. This Saturday was the first time I had seen his dad since last season. I got to talking to him and he told me that he hadn't been to any practices because he had been working in New Orleans. He proceeded to tell me that he works for Brad Pitt's organization that is rebuilding the Lower Ninth. I think my mouth was hanging open...and I muttered the words...."you know Brad Pitt..Pitt?" He laughed and told me yes and that he sees him often and has even met his kids. I did not ask about Angelina 'cause she's not important to me you know! I thought it was just the coolest thing that someone I knew, knew someone famous...superstar famous...Brad Pitt famous!!! I told all my friends that day about him knowing Brad(we are on a first name basis now since we have a friend in common)!

The next morning as I was drying my hair I was thinking about the whole scene. About how exciting it was to know that he knew someone "famous". I begin to think about how he went around all day telling everyone who he worked for and how excited he was about it...and how excited everyone he told was. Well, God got a hold of my heart and literally broke it about this whole situation.

I get so excited over someone knowing a famous person....when I know THE Famous One! I thought it was so cool that he worked for a famous person....when I work for THE Famous One! I thought about how different it would be if we as Christians were just as excited about telling people who we worked for....about telling people that we knew the most famous man to ever walk this earth...and that He was fully man and God! What if we got that excited about making Him known as we do about celebrity's. Can you imagine walking up and telling someone that "You are not going to believe who I know....Jesus...and let me tell you all about Him"!

What the world holds as famous and important should be different that what we as Christians do. As I was writing this this morning with my coffee cup beside me, I told Ric about what I was writing about. Shelby was sitting there with Fruity Pebbles in the corners of her mouth, and Ric asked her who Brad Pitt was. She looked at him and said "Who?" and then he asked "Do you love Brad Pitt?". She said "uhh..No". He asked her who Jesus was....she smiled and said "God"...."Do you love Jesus Shelby?" ...."yes Dad...I love Him". She truly knows who the Famous one is....I pray that I would never forget it...and daily be reminded to be just as excited about Christ as that man was about Brad Pitt! I pray that my life would show how famous He is!

You are the Lord
The famous one
Famous one
Great is your name
In all the earth
The heavens declare
You're glorious, glorious
Great is your fame
Beyond the earth
Tiny Truth's for this Thursday ~
~That Dylan's dad works for Brad Pitt and is proud of the work he does
~That I asked for an autograph picture...just keeping it real folks
~That God can move in our hearts....even when we are blow drying our hair
~That I know the Famous One and I should shout it out loud...and live it out loud
~That Shelby has no idea who Brad Pitt is...but she knows Jesus

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Chad said...

How funny... I was planning on doing this song next time. It won't be this Wednesday b/c I won't be here, but in 2 weeks we're gonna do it.