Friday, January 15, 2010

Tiny Truth's Thursday....It's real right Mom...

For Christmas this year my kids got to go in the Secret Santa Shop at school and buy their family presents. I gave them $15 or $20...seriously can't remember....and told them to go pick out things for their family. They buy the item and the sweet ladies that work in the secret Santa shop wrap it up for them.

Christmas morning we opened the gifts and it was so cute to see what they had picked out for each person. They had gotten little toys for each other and then they got Ric and I a present. Ric got a great DAD coffee cup and a screwdriver. I got a MOM coffee cup and then I opened it...the gift from Charlie! Look what was in my precious little box.

Oh yes people. Look at the sparkle...Look at the shine! Do you see the size of this beauty....hold on and I'll show you a true to scale picture!

Yes, it's huge...I know...but I wear it. I wear it because my sweet little boy gave it to me. He picked it out just for me. Because he paid $5.50 for it. Because he thought it was so pretty and that "I just knew you would love it Mommy".....and he thinks it's real. Yep, he has asked me about 10 times if it's a real "diamond". Do I tell him that it's fake....I tried to soften it up by saying that it was a really nice "stone" and he said..."it's not a stone's a diamond"! So there you have it my friends.

What kinda truth can I get from this situation you ask. Well, this ring isn't "worth" much in the world's eyes. They probably wonder why I am wearing a ring out of a gum ball machine...and yes I got several comments and stares at church this week! But it is worth something to me....and more importantly to Charlie. Not because of it's value monetarily, but it's true value.

I may not be worth much to the world. I don't have a whole lot to offer...don't have a lot of money. I am nothing "special" to 99.99% of the population......but I am worth something to God. He saw fit to save change my life....I was important enough for Him to go to the cross and die a cruel death. So while I may not have a whole lot of value in the world's eyes.....I am someone because He knows my name! And I will take that "value" over anything!

The best part about this story of this precious ring....Charlie asked me Sunday night again if the ring was a real diamond...and then he told me this "At lease mine is bigger than the one Daddy gave you!" True that!

Tiny Truth's for this Thursday:

~ Kids buy the funniest things

~The Secret Santa Shop is extremely over priced...$5.50 people

~ True Value is in the eye of the beholder

~ I have worth...because of who I am in Christ

~I am thankful He found worth in me

~When Charlie gets married his fiance' is going to get a huge diamond...I just know it!


Lisa said...

I love it!! Jaci got a similar ring for me for Christmas. I think they shopped at the same store. But I would not trade it for anything. It's priceless!!

Lisa Doe said...

I love reading our thoughts!

Lisa Doe said...

I meant to type, "YOUR thoughts"...oops

Jenny said...


Sailor and Co said...

WOW...I actually LOVE the
I would TOTALLY rock that THING...way to go bud!!!!!

Genie Marie said...

I have had lots of compliments on it too Sami...apparently it is the style now(this coming from the college girl in Starbucks) so at least I am cool when I wear it!!!